Russian Wife

May 25

What are the advantages of being married to a Russian woman as compared to an European or American one? Actually, there are plenty of them. The first (and to my mind the main one) is their being so home-oriented. Since early childhood Russian girls are taught by their moms and numerous grannies how to do the house work, how to clean and how to cook. Getting married a Russian woman will do her best to make her “nest egg” the cosiest place in the world. 11sm Russian Wife The second, but nevertheless important point, is their being not career-oriented. A Russian wife would never say “having a child can ruin my career”. She is not into that. She would rather stay home taking care of her children’s education than work regular 5/8. Her family plays much bigger role for than anything else. 213sm Russian Wife The third advantage is what most of the men are attracted to – the Slavic Beauty. Slavic women are known for their beauty worldwide. They always try to keep themselves in a good form and pay great attention to their looks. But to your surprise you will discover that besides outer beauty they also possess great innere beauty and rich innere world. You will have an opportunity to explore the fabulous phenomenon of the “mysterious Russian soul”, with of the consequences. This list of advantages is far from being completed. You will see it yourselves. But never loose an opportunity to do that, you won’t be disappointed!

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The love in Russia

Jan 18

Dear men! We are glad to welcome you on our site of acquaintances! And we hope very much, what exactly here you will find the future darling! Love language is uniform and it used already many generations for communicate the enamoured, two halfs which have met once in other countries. To meet the love in Russia – not a myth, and it is a reality! Russian women as well as you wish to meet one love and on all life, to them, as well as to you, care and love feelings are necessary, they as well as to you do not have friend and the partner in a life. Lonely hearts wait for the elects, unbelievable strong, kind, tender, clever…. It is possible to list advantages of Russian women long. You can be convinced of it and never will regret about the made choice!

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Russian Brides…It Sounds Perfectly!

Nov 12

It’s said much about Russian women, there are so many sayings and statements and even stereotypes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to unite all of them. One fact is no worth arguing about: Russian brides are well worth talking about and that is why Russian girls often live their motherland to create family abroad. Let’s clear out those specific features which make them so popular among foreign men. In order to understand it we are to know how Russian men think about their women. What they say is as follows. Russian man about Russian women: We can point out the following features which attract Russian men in a Russian woman: first of all they are very emotional, play the first role in creating family (for about 18% of men think the same). Among heartfelt features they point out ability to love, devotion, reliability, solicitude, keenness. For example “Our women as a rule are very devoted that makes the family very strong”. While choosing the women of the whole life 60% of Russian men point out the woman as a wife and only 10% as a mother of their kids. However Russian woman is able to be good friend, devoted wife and loving mother at the same time. Talking about the beauty of our women only 25% of Russian men pay attention to this main criteria, 13% of them say that our women can take care of themselves. Nevertheless the value of Russian woman in the history of our country is too high. Russian woman is the reflection of Russian cultural wealth. Russian men also point out that our women have a soul full of the features that can be called exclusive, our women are enigmatic if we take into consideration their soul and appearance. No one can avoid such miracle as Russian women Finally talking about intellectual qualities of Russian women one can say that the percent correlation is only 6%, it is easy to explain , Russian men can not allow to put women and her clear mind higher then their own personality. However Russian women have specific logic peculiarities. Despite these facts Russian brides are too popular among the men in the Motherland. One also should note that while listing the qualities of the women Russian men did not mentioned negative sides of the Russian women. Now we have a clear picture about Russian girls from the point of view of Russian men. Who else can say about women in Russia? Only the men who live close to them in everyday life. We can say that on the whole the picture is rather bright and optimistic and a foreigner can easily choose Russian girl in order to communicate and have some closer relations or even to marry her why not! There always some facts which can prevent this process. In order to avoid those facts we are to know much more about Russian brides. Now let’s turn to the vision of Russian brides from the point of view of foreign women. What do they say about girls from the mysterious Russia? Women from USA, Canada, Demark and Malta take active part in discussing Russian girls, their behavior and appearance. The schedule is as follows. The competition in the market of brides is so high that Russian girls sometimes can be considered as a danger for local women. In this situation the easiest way out is creating amoral image of Russian brides. Among negative features 25% of foreign women say Russian women to be unprincipled and even easy of access. They can easily sell their body in order to earn the living. Nevertheless 38% of foreign women point out the beauty of Russian brides, this fact is doubtless. “Women in Russia are so charming that on back way home one can notice the difference between the local women and Russian ones. Sometimes policemen can’t do a thing while talking to Russian illegal women.” American and Canadian women call Russian women to be more active in life position, be more aggressive, and become more ambitious. However without all these features Russian women manage to become loving wives and mothers for the western men so tired of emancipation. Now it’s high time to describe the opinion of the those tired western guys. Hey guys what is your opinion of Russian girls so attractive, charming and keen? According to the results of the social questioning 25% of men point out first of all the beauty of the Russian brides (here body beauty). “Russian women are not simply beautiful they are madly beautiful and it is impossible to describe it!” said one of the guys and what’s more the other added: “I often travel in Europe but I have never seen such charming women as I saw in Russia!! Such beautiful girls live only in this country!” Russian women have nice eyes, they are attractive, sexy, elegant, fascinating, and exquisite, they have high degree of femininity, at last they can take care of themselves and they do it perfectly! 9% of foreign men say Russian girls to be emancipated, 13% consider them to be exclusive, 4% point out high intelligent abilities and only 3% consider Russian brides to be amoral. According to the statements of foreign men Russian women are kinder, more careful; they are good wives, devoted and loving mothers, nice touching creatures. How one can avoid loving them. What’s more important for you guys from all over the world is that talking about magical beauty of Russian women you are able to point out the beauty their soul. This fact can not be neglected because the dominant notion in relation is the ability to listen to the woman and understand her, especially Russian woman, who is so tired of problems, conflicts, argues. She is looking forward to be loved and even adored. She believes there IS a man who is able to make her happy. Communication in this very web-site by the means of this very marriage agency is her hope to achieve the happiness in the life! So guys do not loose such a good opportunity to become a loved man and who knows good husband and careful father! Be brave! Be honest! Be inspired! Russian souls are opened to you! Good Luck! Read more at our dating Russian Brides site

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A few words about Russian women

Nov 09

No secret there are lots of pretty single women in Russia. They are used to hearing “Oh, you are so beautiful. Why aren’t you married yet?” That is a question to ponder over, finding a match is not so simple as it may seem to some people. And why should a husband or beloved man be from woman’s environment.. I believe beloved person can be in any part of the world. Some are just too lazy for searches. I should point out there are much more women than men in Russia. And a number of worthy men is still less! Men are spoilt with women attention and there is no much competition between them, while Russian women do their best to look attractive, be interesting interlocutor, caring wives. Russian women are famous for their beauty throughout the world. But this is also inner beauty that makes them so attractive and charming. They always look their best, even in the morning. Foreigners do get surprised to see so many pretty women in the streets of Russian cities. Nowadays the image of business lady is all the scream in the world. In Russia, women are more womanish. They can be both good at their work and perfect home-fire keepers. Since early childhood Russian women are taught to be good wives. In some countries it’s extraordinary if a woman cooks herself, but in Russia it’s everyday life. Russian women are open hearted and they will never remain indifferent to their husbands’ or lovers’ problems. And they can LISTEN! Nobody can devote themselves to man, support him like Russian women. Find your love here

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About Russian brides

Oct 07

Russian brides are considered to be the best ones. Having an attractive appearance, being sexy enough, they possess many good inner qualities such as kindness, keen mind, loyalty, diligence in doing all kinds of work. Most of them are well educated. They have a keen interest in art, literature and music. Many of them are good at communicating in English and they try to keep fit. At the same time they can clean, cook and do other household job in a proper way. As a rule, they are caring mothers. If a foreigner makes up his mind to marry to a Russian lady, he can get a devoted wife for the rest of his days. Find your love here

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The thoughts about his Russian bride

Sep 29

Coming so tired home He is met by her The woman, he loves “Why?” – he thinks russianbrides The thoughts about his Russian bride She is beautiful and never sad Always smiling never upset Never wearing a dressing gown. She knows what to tell She knows what to ask Witty, humorous and well-educated. The house is clean -thanks to her The dinner is cooked – thanks to her The children are good – thanks to her The night is so romantic – thanks to her That’s why I love her more and more. There are several reasons of choosing the russian bride: 1. Russian brides are the most beautiful in the world 2. Russian brides have good sense of humor 3. Russian brides are well-educated 4. Russian brides are cheerful and energetic 5. Russian brides enjoy cooking, fancywork, they like to do housework, to keep house clean 6. Russian brides are romantic 7. Russian brides like children 8. Russian brides are hard-working, enthusiastic 9. Russian brides are unpretentious, but they like comfort 10. Russian brides are very kind. Russian brides dating site

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Advantages of russian brides

Sep 21

Why do men think that russian women are the best wives in the whole world? I`m going to confirm that this question is rhetorical. European women, for instance, likes simplicity in everything starting with the boring cream-coloured walls in your future house. They won`t rush into a burning house as well. What for? The only thing they have to do – make a call to their insurance agent. And almost all women in the world will act the same way. Russian brides have absolutely another nature. All russian bride’s life is dedicated to the man they are with. Russian bride is not only tender, affectionate, sensual and a keeper of hearth but also passionate, energetic, conversable and a role model for your children in all respects. Keeping smile no matter how hard the situation is, not giving up just because it might be considered disastrous, making everything around beautiful – that`s what russian bride is. Plus: you would have the most attractive woman in the universe. russianbride 300x225  Advantages of russian brides

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About Russian Women

Sep 08

In the modern world of intensify women’s lib Russian girls have a reputation of the most charming, bright, social, obedient, they are not spoilt with latest innovations. Russian ladies pay tribute to family, give birth to children and love passionately their husbands. As well Russian girls beautiful appearance combines perfect with inner qualities. Russian brides got a recognition of very pretty with a fervent look, fond and friendly. Russian brides dress enough sexually, their children look all the time good and neat. Usually they dress close clothes, which are matched well and show their physique. Russian women choose vogue and color of clothes in order to look delightful and in any time to be longed by their men. Russian girls are domestic, they dream firstly to become partners for their husbands, then mothers and only then they pay attention on profession. Russian girls have a very strong heart and can be defenders of familial longevity. Family stays on the main place for them, it is the most significant detail which interests foreign men. All Russian brides are good householders they love to prepare food, sew and crochet. For Russian woman family life is a hard job in order that to safe their unit. We can say much about Russian women, it is the most best-loved subject of conversation. References of Russian brides in most cases are only affirmative. Basically it is because of a high level of general knowledge and professional responsibility. One more trait of Russian brides is remarkable capacity for work. Russian women wish to get acquainted with sincere and kind person they want him to be a householder of the family. Since family life is important for them, they stay lenient with men and can do a lot for their darling husband. Russian women are afraid to be betrayed, their men will find girlfriend or start drinking.

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The charm of Russian Brides

Sep 08

You have a unique opportunity to feel the charm of Russian Brides and make your life happy! Many people in the whole world are sure that the most beautiful girls live in Russia. But that is not the main point why you should choose Russian Brides – only our girls can present a mixture of Eastern Wisdom in relationship with Male and Western Ambitiousness. We are sure that in Russia you will find YOUR Bride. Our girls can be modest, faithful to traditions and devoted wives. Russian Brides are excellent mothers and usually have a very good education! Don’t hesitate, just try!

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Are the Russian brides best?

Sep 02

Are you tired of the status “single”? And can’t you find love in your  country?… If your answers are “yes”, a russian bride is exactly who you are looking for. It’s just the fact that russian brides are the best brides. Firstly, they are the best:the most affectionate and the most kind girlfriends, then they become the best: the most loving and the most attentive wives, no doubt, they will be the best mothers for your children, besides, they are the best ladies of the house and of course, they are the best partners in sexual life. Finally, you see russian brides are the best brides. See more about Russian Brides

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